Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Today I started thinking about time again. A rush of memories from different times in my life came while I walked to work. Gentle, rumored stories in my ear. But also sunshine, sparkling and cutting through trees and the sidewalk of a city and a town that I miss. A glimpse from a window overlooking the Northern oceans of South Boston and a freshly watered lawn from my home town, now covered in graffitti. Not sure if I feel sad or afraid that time goes by so quickly, and its suddenly seven years since I graduated from college. I guess I'm more perplexed than anything else. It makes me feel eager to conclude this stage then, and to move back to a quiet space that yet maintains the wild feeling of freedom and unplanned future. I suddenly feel a woman, almost a doctor, almost settled in domestic mode full-time, worrying about cats and inventing dinner that reflects my neverending curiosity. I am very happy most of the time. I smile when I wake up and giggle my self to sleep now and then. I guess this recurrent nostalgic feeling is the common feeling of time over us, and the awe and confusion when we confront its unpredictable yet inevitable landscape.


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